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Set You Free

Music and lyrics by St. Paul, MN-based recording artist Danami.

Making of "Set You Free"

Making of the music video “Set You Free.”

In Her Words

Carlos and Tiffany fell in love at first sight. During her addiction with opioids, he remained her biggest supporter in recovery. A recovered alcoholic himself, Carlos knew the importance of being the supportive partner he needed to be for Tiffany.

Zhaagoojitoon – 3-minute

This powerful look at the cycle of opioid abuse and the power of tradition and culture was filmed in collaboration with members of the Leech Lake and Red Lake band of Ojibwe.

Zhaagoojitoon – Feature Length

A full-length version in the native storytelling tradition, this expanded video further explores the impact of opioid addiction and follows a young woman’s journey to recovery.

Zhaagoojitoon – Behind the Scenes – Elders

Tribal elders share their thoughts about opioid addiction and recovery.

Zhaagoojitoon – Behind the Scenes – Katie Northbird

Katie Northbird, the main character featured in the video discusses opioid addiction, and the filming process.

This is About All of Us

Community leaders share their thoughts and experiences regarding the opioid crisis.

This is About All of Us - Nathan Koranda

Paramedic Nathan Koranda describes his personal and professional experience with the tragic opioid epidemic.

This is About All of Us - LGBTQ

No matter who you are, you’re not alone – and worthy of a happy, healthy life.

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