Opioid Overdose Deaths 2016


Nonfatal Overdose Hospital Treated 2016

Prescribing Practices Opioid Prescriptions 2016

Hospitalization Rate for Opioid Use Disorder

Find additional statewide data, analyses, resources and prevention practices on the Minnesota Department of Health Opioid Dashboard

Know the Dangers4 hours ago

A9: We must address not only the stigma against people with opioid use disorder, but also the stigma among treatment providers against the use of agonist medications to treat #OUD. https://t.co/I8HzRtAsHK

Know the Dangers
Know the Dangers5 hours ago

As we recognize Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week and Pain Awareness Month, let's remember that addiction can happen to anyone. Even when properly prescribed, opioid use can turn to abuse. Recovery is real and possible. And you deserve it.

Know the Dangers1 day ago

Young people with opioid addiction not getting proper treatment https://t.co/QCtgqada2n

Know the Dangers2 days ago

Our state is taking great strides to address opioid misuse in Minnesota. Follow our bio link to see the State Targeted Response and other action plans. .

Know the Dangers
Know the Dangers5 days ago

For those who are pregnant, it’s important to remember that opioid usage doesn’t just affect you. There’s another life at risk. Dependence on opioids can even happen when they are properly prescribed. Talk to your doctor and know the dangers.

Know the Dangers2 weeks ago

STAT News reports that the opioid crisis has the potential to be responsible for nearly half a million fatal overdoses over the next decade. Experts agree: it will most likely get worse before it gets better. But you can make a difference today. Use our...

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