An opioid overdose requires immediate medical attention. Call 911 immediately if you or someone you know exhibits any of the symptoms.
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American Indian


Reclaiming Health

Minnesota’s American Indian communities are rich in culture and tradition, yet they continue to face the impacts of past trauma. Today, this can be seen in higher rates of substance use disorders. The connection between trauma and increased risk shows this community is disproportionately affected.

Supporting our American Indian communities involves everyone. Spreading the word about the risks of substance use, promoting culturally competent care, and ensuring equitable resources, we can strengthen our entire community.

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to die of an overdose compared to white Minnesotans
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of Minnesotans who received treatment for opioid use disorder are part of this community

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of drug overdose deaths involved more than one drug

Source: MDH

Finding Recovery

The American Indian community believes, “Prevention is about heritage, and recovery is about culture.”

Recovery should include one’s cultural values and practices, creating a strong connection to health and community. That’s why many communities and organizations have developed culturally competent care programs to honor one’s traditions in their path to recovery.

Culturally competent care means treatment centers offer resources and programs for people with diverse beliefs, values, and backgrounds.

Get Help For Opioid Use Disorder

Call 911 right away if someone you know is showing signs of an overdose.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use, visit Fast-Tracker for 24/7 resources.

Red Lake community leader, artist, and filmmaker, Thomas X shares the different paths to recovery.