An opioid overdose requires immediate medical attention. Call 911 immediately if you or someone you know exhibits any of the symptoms.

Harm Reduction



Real support, no judgment

Harm reduction is a public health approach that focuses on easing the harmful consequences of drug use, including transmitting infectious diseases and preventing overdose. It’s about offering judgment-free care that’s centered on the needs of people who use drugs.

Programs such as syringe exchanges, naloxone distribution, fentanyl testing, overdose prevention, and education, including safer drug use education and other practices, can lessen the risk of adverse outcomes.

Syringe Services Programs (SSPs)

A critical part of harm reduction is reducing the need for reusing or sharing unsanitary syringes and needles. Distributing no-cost supplies to those who need them prevents the spread of infectious diseases and other health problems.

Find out about fentanyl fast

If you’re navigating the drug landscape, fentanyl test strips can be helpful in harm reduction. With a simple paper strip and some water, you can determine whether a given drug contains fentanyl. This allows you to make informed decisions about your health.


It can reverse an overdose in minutes and be administered by anyone. Naloxone (also known as NARCAN®) really is a miracle drug. Better yet, it can be obtained without a prescription, so you can always be ready to save a life.