An opioid overdose requires immediate medical attention. Call 911 immediately if you or someone you know exhibits any of the symptoms.

Know the Risks



We live in the age of fentanyl. This inexpensive drug is incredibly potent and available in unlimited supply – and it threatens our communities. It’s an ongoing struggle that may seem hopeless, but together, we can reverse this growing trend within our communities.

Customized Chaos

It’s easy to mix drugs, whether prescribed or not, but it can quickly lead to trouble. The technical term is “polysubstance use”.

Some people may mix an upper (stimulant) with another upper to amplify the effect. The same is true for downers (depressants). Add to this yet another drug – alcohol – and the health risks become even more serious.

Today, both stimulants and depressants are often cut with fentanyl – there’s just no getting around it. Heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy – virtually anything you get from a dealer can contain fentanyl, in wildly unpredictable doses.

Are your pills legit?

Today, counterfeit drugs are everywhere. You could call them “Frankenstein” pills, since they’re made from nearly anything and designed for profits, not safety. Even though fake pills can look real enough to fool an expert, they often contain random fillers and almost certainly fentanyl – which is so toxic it can kill even in tiny doses. They often contain only trace amounts of what you think you’re getting, or sometimes none at all. So if the pill in your hand isn’t from your doctor or pharmacist, it’s probably fake.

Play it safe – every batch is a mystery.