Opioid Overdose Deaths 2016


Nonfatal Overdose Hospital Treated 2016

Prescribing Practices Opioid Prescriptions 2016

Hospitalization Rate for Opioid Use Disorder

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Know the Dangers
Know the Dangers18 hours ago

“FDA-approved versions of naloxone currently require a prescription, which may be a barrier for people who aren’t under the care of a physician or may be ashamed or even fearful of admitting to issues with substance abuse,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement.

Know the Dangers21 hours ago

In 2017, more than 130 people died a day from opioid-related drug overdoses. @HHSGov & the entire federal government is committed to ending the crisis of opioid addiction & overdose in America. We have formulated a five-point strategy to stop the epidemic:...

Know the Dangers
Know the Dangers21 hours ago

Everyone deserves recovery. Everyone deserves a second, third and fourth chance at feeling better again. Your recovery journey can start today. You’ve got this.

Know the Dangers4 days ago

Every single person deserves a life without opioid misuse. Every single person deserves RECOVERY. And we can all help them get there by removing the stigma around treatment and therapy. This is about all of us. #KnowtheDangers and #RemovetheStigma.

Know the Dangers4 days ago

Synthetic cathinones, often marketed as “bath salts,” can cause users to display hallucinations, paranoia, panic attacks and erratic, unpredictable behavior. Know the dangers of synthetic drugs. Help is available and within reach.

Know the Dangers1 week ago

. @cdcgov reports that the rate of opioid-related overdose deaths in rural counties is 45 percent higher than urban counties.

All Minnesotans deserve help.

All Minnesotans deserve to live free of opioid use...

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