Opioid Overdose Deaths 2016


Nonfatal Overdose Hospital Treated 2016

Prescribing Practices Opioid Prescriptions 2016

Hospitalization Rate for Opioid Use Disorder

Find additional statewide data, analyses, resources and prevention practices on the Minnesota Department of Health Opioid Dashboard

Know the Dangers15 hours ago

Americans have historically viewed substance use disorders as a moral failing instead of as a diagnosable medical condition. It’s time to break down the stigma and get people the help they need.

Know the Dangers
Know the Dangers4 days ago

Preliminary data from the Minnesota Department of Health death report indicate that there were over 400 fatal overdoses in Minnesota during 2017, with a surge in fentanyl-related deaths. http://knowthedangers.com

Know the Dangers
Know the Dangers4 days ago

“Letting their children hit bottom is not the best strategy because in hitting bottom they may die," one expert says.

Know the Dangers6 days ago

The stigma surrounding the disease of #addiction keeps far too many from seeking treatment. We must change how we talk and think about this chronic brain disease. #EndTheStigma https://t.co/FPjjFyd7Ag

Know the Dangers6 days ago

Interested in attending a #Naloxone training? Follow our new events page to find one happening in your area: https://t.co/qxSC5DsEy3

Know the Dangers1 week ago

Whether you’re looking for help for yourself, for someone you know, or just looking to expand your knowledge and awareness, our resources connect you to lifesaving information to fight opioid use disorder. Link in bio.

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