An opioid overdose requires immediate medical attention. Call 911 immediately if you or someone you know exhibits any of the symptoms.
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All of Us: An Alliterative Social Commentary on Opioids

Benny Roberts’ lyrical masterpiece “All of Us: An Alliterative Social Commentary on Opioids” has one clear message: Opioids kill all of us. It’s as simple as ABC.

Watch the complete story from A to Z.
Join Benny at the barber shop for an important message.


When we approached Benny Roberts with the idea for a cocreation project around opioids in the African American community, he exceeded all expectations. After a discussion about storytelling in an “ABC” format, Benny arrived at the first meeting with a fully formed script for “All of Us.”

The studio recording was engineered by Mike Brooks, and even included Benny’s parents on the musical score. Benny’s sister, Destiny Roberts, a professional videographer, provided filming and editing for the project. Other community partners included photographer Roosevelt Mansfield, who captured iconic portraits of the students who gave their time to appear in the video.

Together, they helped us produce a body of work offering deep insights through the lens of the African American experience, and the ways in which opioids affect us all.