This is About All of Us - Zhaagoojitoon

Zhaagoojitoon. This is About All of Us.

This is About All of Us - Nathan Koranda

Paramedic Nathan Koranda describes his personal and professional experience with the tragic opioid epidemic.

This is About All of Us - LGBTQ

No matter who you are, this is about all of us.

Opioids Signs And Symptoms - Rick Moldenhauer

Rick Moldenhauer describes signs and symptoms of opioid use.

Naloxone - Rick Moldenhauer

Rick Moldenhauer discusses the opioid reversal agent Naloxone.

Opioids Withdrawal - Rick Moldenhauer

Rick Moldenhauer describes opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Prescription Opioids: Even When Prescribed by a Doctor

CDC video that raises awareness about prescription opioids among the general public.

One Town | One Story Dan Baker Foundation

Hear Dan’s Story about the impact of prescription opioids and opioid dependence.

The Opioid Epidemic's Toll on Women and Babies

The risk for overdose from opioid painkillers and heroin among women, including pregnant women, has skyrocketed.

The Facts on America's Opioid Epidemic

Learn about some key facts behind the deadliest drug crisis in American history with this video from the New York Times

Talking About Overdose with People Who Use Opioids

Hear about opioid overdoses from Dr. Alexander Walley, Medical Director for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Start The Conversation

Learn how to begin the conversation about drugs and drug addiction with your child.

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